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Safety Training

Fire, Manual Handling, Induction & More…

Safety Awareness Training

These training sessions are quick, practical and down to earth. They are intended to refresh existing knowledge, bring significant safety issues to front of mind and to encourage the maintenance of a safe working environment. Participants will be actively involved in the session and significant concerns and risks will be the focus of the session

Manual Handling

  • What makes your back hurt?
  • Common do’s & don’ts of lifting
  • The worst parts of YOUR job
  • Being fit for work

Fire Awareness

  • How fires start and spread
  • How to get out and stay alive
  • Choosing & using an extinguisher
  • Prevention is better than cure

Dynamic Driving

  • Eyes on the road
  • Mind on the road
  • Drive alive on a road full of fools

Infection Control

  • How infections spread
  • How clean is clean enough?
  • Building a personal barrier

Safety Awareness

  • Turning on your risk radar
  • Sorting myth from fact
  • Fix it or get it fixed
  • No means no (unsafe work as directed by worker or PCBU)

 Food Safety

  • What makes food unsafe
  • Fat Tom (how bacteria grow)
  • How to tell when food is bad


  • Inappropriate behavior, where is the line?
  • Responding to challenging behaviours
  • When is enough, enough?


  • Choosing the right chemical
  • Handle with care….
  • What to do when it all goes wrong.

Training can be customised in accordance with policies or procedures provided at least 48 hours prior to training. Where policies and procedures are not provided, the training will reflect industry best practice. For assistance in policy development contact Ablaze.