Android Apps For First Aiders

Having your phone in your pocket can give you a stack of handy resources just waiting for the day when they’re needed. I keep all of my emergency apps in a folder on the home screen of my phone, and these are some of the apps that I find most useful.


Emergency +

This simple app makes it easy to make the right call in an emergency. It can help you call Triple Zero, but it also has a bunch of other useful numbers including Poisons Information all the way through to the National Security Hotline. It also gives you the nearest street address and latitude/longitude to make informing emergency services easier.

Allens Training

A First Aid app that keeps simple, up to date information at your fingertips. A must have app unless you’ve got a perfect memory for first aid skills.

Health Direct

Is that a lump, a bump or a tumor??? This app helps you ask the right questions when you see your doctor, or go to the pharmacist. Its good and getting better (there’s also the free phone service 1800022222)


ICE Contact

It can be worthwhile having an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact number available on your home screen. To set this up you can go into settings : lock screen : personal information (this may differ depending on your operating system) and enter an ICE number to display on your home screen. Critical medical information could be added here too, but consider the balance of critical information availability in an emergency against your privacy.


But I’ve got an Apple!?!?!?

Check this out….